It is with a sad and heavy heart that I write to you tonight.

I adopted Samson, who was at the time called “Ubu,” from the Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue in August of 2004.  He was an exuberant dog, who for me, was practically perfect in every way.  I was supposed to foster him; that lasted about five minutes: I knew immediately that he was meant for me.  They thought he was about a year old at the time, and he was FULL of energy.  Apparently when families asked to see him while he was waiting to be adopted, he was so excited to be out of his kennel that he would buck around in a circle on his leash.  Tom told me that this was a GREAT dog, he just needed someone to exercise him and teach him discipline.  Tom was right; he WAS a great dog.  Samson was the best running and walking companion.  When he was little he used to pull me up hills as we ran trails together.  When he was older, we would meander through our neighborhood and enjoy the quiet, still nights.  We had twelve and a half glorious years together.  Having Samson as my dog shaped me as a person.  He was my first and longest love: I met the man I would eventually marry not too long after I found Sam, and Samson interrupted our first kiss by jumping up on us, as if to say, “Hey! Me too!”  He was always there – which makes him not being here now so hard.  Samson took care of me through hard times, and I cared for him through trials of his own; he showed me what it truly meant to love unconditionally, and he was my absolute best of friends.  Samson looked over and loved all three of our little boys, who deeply loved him in return.

We are all heartbroken at the loss of our beautiful, beautiful Samson.  I miss him jumping up to drink running water from our bathtub faucet. I miss him waking up from a dead sleep to come beg for popcorn.  I miss him abruptly nosing my elbow up so that my arm perfectly lands around his neck to pet him.  I miss the sweet softness of his fur and his comforting presence around the house.  It has now been a week since we had to say goodbye, and there is a huge, gaping hole that Samson once so beautifully filled in our lives.

Thank you, Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue, for giving us the absolute best dog in the world.  Samson was so very loved every day of his life with us, and he is missed beyond measure.

Becky, Ryan, Bennett, Nathan and William

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