Sammy is doing very well and seems very happy with us and we are extremely happy to be his parents. We did discover perhaps how he gained so much weight … he loves cat food so we have to keep the dry food up on the counter and if the cats have wet food we have to make sure they finish it promptly when Sammy is not in the room. And if they clean their plates, Sammy will still come by and give the food bowls a good lick just to make sure they are spotless – LOL!

Rain allowing, we are still trying to get in 1-2 miles a day on our walk, 2 walks on Sat. and Sun. so he is not gaining and hopefully still losing a little. The thunder and storms are not a problem; he and Bud both have beds next to Rick’s bed so I guess he feels safe. His personality is sweet and he is definitely a mommy’s baby. I can ask him for a dance and pat my tummy and Sammy will get on his hind legs, put his front paws on my shoulder and walk around with me.

He’s a hoot! I am attaching a photo of Buddy making sure Sammy gets inside my office door safely – LOL! When Rick walks them here at work and drops the leashes inside the door, Buddy seems to take the big brother role in stride. It feels like Sammy has been our baby all along. We could not love him more. Thanks for allowing him to come live with us,

Beverly & Rick