With our hearts full of sorrow, we sent our wonderful Sooner Rescue dog, Reba to her final resting place on December 21, 2015. Reba was such a joyful, happy soul and we miss her terribly. Often lying with her front legs crossed, she was always “the lady” on the farm, but would get her belly wet in the pond when the weather just got too hot. She loved her summer shave and thought she was pretty with short hair, at least for a few months. Oh, how she would prance around. Reba was so gracious as she raised the standard poodle we got after losing our previous Golden to cancer. The poodle eventually got much bigger than she, but he always had respect for the grand dame! Her last days were spent on our property in Montana where she rolled in the snow and learned that the wood stove was a great thing to lie next to as the wind howled off the Rockies. We will bury her ashes on the farm in Oklahoma – after all, she was always an Okie at heart! Finally, we thank Tom for helping us pick Reba and will always be grateful for having her as a big, happy part our lives.
– Peggy

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