Please accept this gift in honor of Laci, whom we adopted from SGRR on May 12, 2013 and who passed away from cancer on July 17, 2015. Although Laci is gone from this earth, she will never be gone from our memory nor our hearts. Words will never be enough to describe the way we felt towards her. Although she was perpetually fighting a battle against cancer, she was always happy. She had quirks that made her a one of a kind. She loved car rides, which we often went on. She, like most women, had an affinity for shoes. If David would go out of town, she would go get one or more of his shoes and gently carry it around in her mouth and would even sleep with it. Many times we would come home to a shoe from each of us in the living room, where she would hang out with her two brothers and watch TV and relax while we ran errands. She loved apples and carrots and food in general. If she felt she was short changed on dinner, she would get her bowl and carry it to her bed or to the living room and drop it at our feet to let us know she felt like she needed a little more.

She was in our lives for two years and two months, which was not nearly long enough. We adopted Laci from SGRR on May 12th, 2013 and she passed across the bridge on July 17th, 2015 due to cancer. We will always be eternally grateful to SGRR for bringing Laci into our lives. She was amazing in every way imaginable. Laci and David (my B/F) were the best of friends. They had a bond that death cannot break and I know we both take solace in knowing that we gave Laci a great life and we know she was truly happy. She went through quite a bit in the two years and two months that we had her. It has been said that death ends a life, but not a relationship. She had a lump on her side removed, a spot on her cheek removed, a lymph node removed and David found a hard spot in her abdomen that he felt needed to be investigated. I took her to the vet the following morning and they rushed her back for emergency surgery as they found out she had a mass attached to her spleen that was the size of a grapefruit! We also found out she had lymphoma.

She was seen regularly by our vet for check-ups, as well as her oncologist along with a specialist in California whom we sent results to for second opinion. We also enrolled her in a study at Colorado State University that focuses on cancer in Golden Retrievers. Roughly ten days before her passing, she developed a limp in her front leg. We took her to the vet and she was checked out and it was his opinion that it was most likely due to arthritis as her labs were holding steady and nothing seemed amiss. She was prescribed anti-inflammatories and we started her on those to see if that would clear up the issue. Unfortunately it did not, so we took her back to the vet a few days later and she was given pain medicine as well and we were told to keep her off the paw/leg as much as we could, as she would love to run off of the deck and chase after squirrels with her brothers, Buddy and Rusty.

Out of an abundance of caution, we took her to Dr. Holland who is her Veterinary Oncologist and she reviewed the latest labs to check for cancer progression and it showed normal and the lymphoma was progressing very slowly, which was good news. It was her suggestion that we have a CT scan done to determine the problem. We had a tentative date set for the test and took her back to the vet as her limp was getting worse. The vet took a series of x-rays and it showed some mild arthritis which wasn’t abnormal at her age, but he wanted to investigate further as he said there is a strong chance that it could be osteosarcoma, but he wanted to do a biopsy to confirm. This was on a Tuesday and we were scheduled for the biopsy on the following Monday. On Wednesday she ate dinner as usual and rested along with her brothers. On Thursday morning she got up with me and went outside and threw up and started to eat grass.

She slept most of the day and seemed very tired. She stopped eating or drinking on Thursday and was very lethargic. We carried her outside to lay in the grass with our other two Goldens, along with David and myself. It was a beautiful sunny day with mild temperatures for July. We brushed her and rubbed her belly as she requested and just sat with her and our other two. Rusty, our 9 year old Golden, was sitting very close to her outside and would not leave her side. We carried her back in and put her in her bed. She drank a little bit of water that evening and we made an appointment to see the vet the following day, Friday. At some point during the night, she went to lay on the cool tile in the bathroom. She was not acting herself and we knew something was wrong. We loaded her into my car and she rested her head in David’s lap. We pulled into the vet and they came out to get her and rushed her back to the operating room.

About 5-10min later the vet came in and let us know that her heart gave out on the operating table and he did everything he could do to restart it, but he could not save her. We had a necropsy performed to find out the exact cause. She had a cancerous lesion in her intestine that ruptured and led to sepsis. We believe she went into shock on the way to the vet and mentally checked out but held on long enough to make it to the vet before her heart gave out. All of the doctors involved were shocked because they had just seen her earlier in the week and aside from the limp, she was her normal self and she had just had a physical and everything looked good. Dr. Cramer was great and took the time to answer all of our questions and even took the time to draw diagrams to show us where it was located and what happened.

We had the results and samples sent to Colorado State University in hopes that Laci would play a part in helping to cure cancer that has taken the lives of so many Goldens. She was truly a one of a kind and words will never be enough to describe the depth of the love we have for her. We take comfort in knowing she was happy, spoiled and loved by us and our two other Golden Retrievers. We all miss her dearly but are comforted by the fact that she passed very quickly and did not suffer or endurer a slow death. Death may have taken her life, but it will never take our relationship.

We have made a donation to SGRR in honor of Laci, but plan to actively support the SGRR in memory of her and in hopes it brings more “Laci’s” into people’s lives.

– David & Misti

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