I have sad news for you guys and all of SGGR.  Jake was diagnosed with cancer in early January of this and we were forced to have him put to rest to ease his pain and suffering yesterday 03/06/17. (12 years old)

My wife and I are devastated with his loss, even though we knew what was coming for over 2 months.  We were able to take him to California for one last beach trip in early February.

We hope we were able to give him the life he deserved, especially after his rough life before you guys were able to get and save him!  He made a perfect addition to our family and will always be a part of our family.

He made it to California and the beach he loved about 5 times and stayed in Colorado for multiple vacations and traveled all between… what dog gets his own hotel bed in the process! Jake does.

We appreciate the opportunity to help a senior dog enjoy his remaining time with us and teach us things.

I created a small picture video for him and our family.


Mike & Alison

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