Dear SGRR,
It is with great sadness that I share the passing of my beloved Harley (formerly know as Rhett).  I adopted Harley from SGRR in August of 2004.  He was 18 months old and came to me with the name of Rhett.  I believe you had taken in Rhett, his mate Scarlett and their daughter Bonnie Blue when their owners no longer wanted to be burdened with them.  Their loss, but my incredible gain. 
Shortly after arriving, I changed Rhett’s name to Harley.  Harley was a truly amazing friend.  He was so very gentle and sweet.  He did really well with the older dogs I had at the time, and whenever I brought in a new friend or foster, he was like a father figure to them.  Most importantly, though, he was one of the best friends I could ever have.  Oddly enough, even though he was a retriever, he had no idea how to play fetch, or really play with any kind of toy.  I would throw a ball and he would watch it land, then look at me as if to ask ‘why did you do that?’.  Silly boy.  Well, that didn’t really matter, he was a great companion and I loved him with all my heart. 
Sadly, old age eventually got the better of him and I lost him last week at the ripe old age of 14 1/2.  I miss him so terribly much, but I know one day I will see him again at the Bridge.
Thank you so much for my precious Harley and for all the good work you do.

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